Sunday, April 18, 2010

18th day of April, 2010.

Day 8

Dear reader, (that's me again!)

One late morning, I'm alone at home and Martina comes over. She's just taken a bath, and she smells so good and fresh.

Where's everyone, Don Juan?, she asks, as I follow her walk to sister-in-law's bedroom.

Uh, they went to the movies, I reply.

Oh, good, she says, climbing on the bed.

Do you want to rub my shoulders?, she asks, in her most tantalizing smile. She looks so beautiful, in her revealing clothes, my heart thumping.

Uh, if you want, I reply, meekly.

She lowers her dress, down to the bulge of her breasts, to reveal her creamy skin from the neck down her shoulders. I touch her skin with light massage, as I tremble with excitement and arousal.

Oh, let me remove my clothes so you can massage my back, huh, Don Juan? She's teasing me.

Uh, yea, I reply.

She removes her dress, and faces me, with her upturned breasts pointing to the heavens and her sweet body glistening with tiny beads of perspiration from the warmth of the morning. She's only in her panties, and I could see the hint of her loveliness between her thighs.

Do you like my body, she asks, as she looks at me staring at her breasts. She pulls my head to her breasts and I could smell her glorious scent from her swollen nipples. I kiss her buds, as she touches my bulge, and I explode.

I suddenly wake up, spent and wet. Another one of many dreams I have of Martina.

That's all for today.

Ciao, and hope to see you again, tomorrow?

At your service,
Don Juan of Alaya

Saturday, April 17, 2010

17th day of April, 2010.

Day 7

Hello again, everyone, or as at this stage, still just me!

Don Juan's sister-in-law has sisters, pretty sisters. One of them, Martina always comes over for a chat with Don Juan's sister, who is her age, about 4 years older than Don Juan. Martina is not only pretty, she's very sexy and has wow legs. But if that weren't enough, she also has lovely breasts. The perfect woman, huh! Well, almost perfect, one could argue, save for the unruly pimples that scatter the pretty face, and the false teeth at the front that hide behind her luscious lips which are sooo very kissable .

To Don Juan's endless delight, Martina comes over almost everyday, being really close friend with Don Juan's sister. And because she lives in the same compound, she always wears her favorite house clothes, loose and comfortable. And because Don Juan is still very young, Martina does not really care much that Don Juan sees her in her loose clothes, even if he's around. So Don Juan feasts on her beautiful body, which she carelessly and unknowingly show. She would sit on one of the kitchen chairs chatting with her friend, with her panties and beautiful thighs revealed to Don Juan peeping at his windows from the bedroom. And her low-neck loose clothes reveal her lovely upturned breasts, giving Don Juan urges way beyond his years.

So, Don Juan does not really mind that Mary broke up with him, with Martina dwelling in his mind most of the time.

That's all on Martina for today.

Ciao for now, and hope to see you again... tomorrow?

At your service,

Don Juan of Alaya

16th day of April, 2010.

Day 6

Unintentional noblog day.

At your service,
Don Juan of Alaya

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 5

Today is 15th day of April, 2010.

Day 5

Well, well, another day, another blog.

Yours truly got unexpectedly tied up all day yesterday, and ran out of time to write.

But here I am, still without a single reader to address, save myself, but I'm persevering. You know the deal, "No Guts, No Glory", and "Big aspirations demand Big sacrifices". Crap, you say, huh!

Flashback in time, just after Day 2.

Don Juan turns teenager and goes to the city, leaving all that is dear, and comfortable, and familiar. But father says "go to the city, boy", so off to the city. He is enrolled in an exclusive school for boys, where he accidentally wins a free scholarship, and boy, does he look and feel out of place. Here, all the boys are city boys, know how to spend money (and do they spend!), and go to school in family cars. Don Juan goes to school in pedicabs.

Where Don Juan stays, living with his elder brother (and family), the rich neighbour has a pretty daughter, same age as Don Juan. The pretty girl, Mary, also goes to an exclusive school, for girls. Now, this girl may just have turned teenager like Don Juan, but man, this girl is a woman. A woman who knows what she wants, and apparently gets what she wants.

On the first week of knowing Don Juan, and becomes an acquaintance, she proposes to Don Juan, like, "I like you, you are my boyfriend now". And she gives him a brush on the lips, and leaves Don Juan mesmerized. So for the next two months, Don Juan learns the ways of a girl, or a young woman, if awkwardly. That, and how it is to mingle with (perhaps, watch is more like it) city boys, whom he has nothing whatsoever in common with, except age, and school.

And the girl really knew what she wanted, or not wanted. She wants a more responsive boyfriend who exuded confidence. She definitely does not want a shy boy who lacked worldly experience. And so, just about two months of being boyfriends, she tells Don Juan mercifully, "you're not my boyfriend anymore. We're not suited for each other". And that's that. Poor boy, Don Juan. He did not ask for this, and this is what he gets. But hey, he is learning the ropes, fast, by the looks of it.

But what is it they say, "when a door shuts, another one opens"? How about, "Not"!

That's all I have for today.

Ciao for now, and hope to see you again... tomorrow?

At your service,
Don Juan of Alaya

Day 4

14th day of April, 2010.

Day 4

Unexpected rest day.

At your service,
Don Juan of Alaya

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 3

Today is 13th day of April, 2010.

Wow, I’m still the only one reading this blog! But hey, what’s so incredulous about that? This site has only been three days old! What?, you expect people to know about it straight away? Come on, get real, man? And even if somebody did stumble on it, he/she might just throw it a cursory look and then scram as fast as one could.

Unless…, but what if somebody did actually read? Hey, good on you woman, or man. I might just decide to send you a bottle of wine. How about that, for a come-on? Read on…

So, we’re still on the topic of when Don Juan was still a frail boy, huh! Well, let’s temporarily fast forward 40 years. Wow, it’s the year 2010! What an incredible travel into the future. This is the time when gay did not mean “gay” anymore, as in “happy, and gay”! And when the word “fuck” is so common it might as well have meant "hello", where back then, it was still only (probably) much common in Shakespearean circles. But then again, what the “fuck” do I know? I was still just a country boy at the time, not even half-a-man yet. But anyway, so much about being gay and being fucked.

Yes, so we’re back into the future.

Now, this is incredible, and you’ve got to believe! How that frail of a boy, who was not so much as a speck of a dust in the farm he was born from, is now the Don Juan who’s story you are now reading about! Man, that’s incredulous!

That boy now has a bachelor’s degree, has a master’s degree, earns 6-figure salary package (the lower figures of the 6 figures), has worked and provided solutions to problems for over 40 companies in different parts of the globe, has travelled some parts of Asia, America and Europe, and had relationships with over 40 women. And yes, Don Juan is very particular about giving a woman her orgasms, multiple orgasms, and many times during the day and night.

And yet, Don Juan is such a timid of a man, and so ironically towards women, especially towards beautiful women. Let’s get into that business starting tomorrow.

In the meantime, please le me remind you of one truism I've stumbled upon on the internet, which may have made such a huge impact in Don Juan's life:

“Quando dio, ole castigarci ci manda, quello che desideriamo.”
When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.

Ciao for now, and hope to see you again tomorrow.

At your service,
Don Juan of Alaya

Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome to Day 2

Today is 12th day of April, 2010.
Don Juan of Alaya was born
in a place far, far of the yon
where land and sky soon meet anon
and the sun kisses you at dawn
though the ocean, too's, far beyond
yet there's water sweet's none has known
and the air's fresh for everyone.
The Don Juan of Alaya loves a woman, a sexy woman, a woman with a pretty face, a deliciously smelling woman, a woman who loves to be loved. Don Juan loves making love to his woman, a dozen times a day if time permitted, always making sure his woman got her orgasm, for the Don Juan of Alaya took responsibility of the orgasms of his woman, as many times as possible, holding his for as long as possible.

To understand Don Juan and his passion for women, one has to go back to the very beginning, when he was jus a frail boy, hardly the promise of the man he would someday be known to be, hardly the promise of the man to his woman he would be.

And so it was, the Don Juan of Alaya was born in a far away land, where the birds and the bees played among the trees all day long, where butterflies and dragonflies whispered and made love to deliciously smelling flowers and blossoms, and where fireflies were the mileu of the evening even before the last ray of light was snuffed out by the ever-envious, jealous of a shadow of the darkness. It was a place where honey and milk literally flowed, to nourish and sustain life, as both meant to be. A place where the water was as fresh as the rain come down from the heavens, running in crystal clear rivers and springs, where air was as fresh as the breeze straight from the mountains, scented by flowers, cooled by the dancing leaves, and kissed by the sun.

It was in this refuge of a paradise, sheltered by nature, nurtured by familial love and affection, and nourished by natural food and virgin existence that the Don Juan of Alaya knew of his childhood.

But whether it was meant to be, of destiny or of fate, that Don Juan was also pushed or pulled by the riddle of the opposite gender at his very tender age, is anybody's wonder. For at the very young age of 6, he was already being teased to a playmate, Cindy, quite a pretty girl his age. At the age of 10, he was asked to oblige to the infatuation of a 7-year-old girl, Joy, sister to his sister-in-law, sleeping next to each other, cuddled by the girl, innocently as they claimed. And at 11, his pretty 8-year-old cousin, Brigida, who slept over at their house on weekends, sneaked under his blanket in the wee hours of the morning and teased him under his shorts.

And so was the beginning...

Ciao for now, and hope to see you again tomorrow.

At your service,
Don Juan of Alaya